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Don’t we all dream of a bikini figure in summer? But while sport and a healthy diet contribute to a good figure, in many cases they are powerless against cellulite.

The unsightly dents in the skin, especially on the thighs and bottom, sometimes occur regardless of physical fitness or body weight.

Minimally invasive treatment with Cellfina® can effectively reduce these skin deformations and improve the appearance of the affected areas of the body.


How does Cellfina® work?

Cellfina® is a relatively new treatment method that has been specially developed for the reduction of cellulite, the so-called orange peel skin. It aims to treat the structural causes of cellulite in the deeper layers of the skin. In contrast to other skin treatments such as creams, peelings or major surgical procedures, the Cellfina® device uses a small scalpel to loosen the connective tissue strands. The Cellfina® treatment is therefore a minimally invasive procedure that usually takes no longer than 60-120 minutes.

The treatment begins with the marking of the affected body parts and skin areas under very good lighting conditions. A light local anesthetic (numbing of the affected skin region) ensures that the procedure is painless. By using the Cellfina® device, the taut connective tissue strands (septa) that connect the skin with the underlying layers are targeted. These strands pull the skin downwards and are responsible for the dimpled appearance of cellulite. In the course of the treatment, the septa are loosened or severed. This can smooth the skin again and reduce the dents in the skin in the long term. This is an outpatient, non-surgical cellulite treatment in my practice in Rapperswil-Jona on Lake Zurich.

It is the only treatment that tackles the problem of cellulite at its source.

Skin tightening

Which areas of the body can be treated with Cellfina®?

Cellfina® can be used to treat orange peel skin or cellulite in all affected skin areas. More than 80 percent of adult women have moderate to severe cellulite.

The areas of the body that are most affected are the buttocks and thighs, but also the lower back, hips, upper arms and abdomen. Many women suffer from skin deformities after pregnancy which, although they do not affect their health in any way, are perceived as disturbing or very disturbing for visual reasons.

Here too, Cellfina® can help to tighten and smooth the skin, even out dimples and improve the overall appearance of many areas of the body.

  • Buttocks / bottom
  • Inner thigh
  • Outer thigh
  • Upper arms
  • lower back
  • Belly
  • Hips


How satisfied are our patients with the results?

Skin tightening with Cellfina® is particularly popular with my patients because it is quick, painless, minimally invasive and outpatient, there is no downtime and the treatment has long-lasting results. I have been carrying out the treatment regularly in my practice for several years. My patients particularly appreciate the fact that a single treatment is usually enough to significantly improve the appearance that women have suffered from for years or even decades.

Dr. Susanne Kristof
SK-AESTHETICS, Rapperswil-Jona


How long has Cellfina® been around?

Cellfina® is manufactured by Merz Pharmaceuticals, a large global pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and manufacture of medical, aesthetic and neurotoxicology products.

Cellfina® was approved in the USA in 2015 by the US Food and Drug Administration for the long-term improvement of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. Since its approval, Cellfina® has established itself as one of the leading treatment methods against cellulite.

The technology behind Cellfina® is based on the principle of subcision (cutting) of the connective tissue strands responsible for the formation of dimples in order to smooth the skin.


What are the advantages of treatment with Cellfina® compared to other methods such as surgical procedures to tighten the skin on the body?

Cellfina® is the best existing treatment method against cellulite and for smooth skin, especially in the thighs and buttocks. Tighter skin is the result of the therapy, fewer dents in the skin lead to a skin appearance that is perceived as more beautiful and thus to a better sense of well-being for the patient.

  • Outpatient:

    The treatment of one body region takes 60-120 minutes. The recovery time is usually very short and patients can return to their normal activities the very next day.

  • Sustainable

    Treatment with Cellfina® lasts for several years. Studies show that the result can continue to improve within the first three years after treatment. Supported by regular exercise, muscle building and a healthy diet, the success and effects are long-term and very visible.

  • Painless:

    Local anesthesia before the treatment, i.e. a local anesthetic at the site where the skin tightening is performed, ensures pain-free therapy.

  • Minimally invasive:

    As the device works with a very small scalpel, small puncture marks are only visible for a short time after the treatment, but no scars.

  • Smooth skin:

    The effect of cellulite therapy with Cellfina® is smoother skin and a reduction in the typical cellulite dimples.

  • Satisfaction:

    International studies show a high level of patient satisfaction with the treatment.


What are the risks or side effects?

After the treatment, a few patients experience bruising, slight redness or minor swelling, which disappears after a few days.

If you follow the aftercare instructions and hygiene recommendations after using Cellfina®, such as cooling and protecting the affected areas of the body, there is no need to worry about infections or other side effects. Allergic reactions to medication or materials used as well as other sensitivities should be discussed in advance with the medical staff looking after you.

As the skin is an extremely elastic and adaptable organ of the human body, it is also advisable to compare the expected results with the individual results that can realistically be achieved in advance. In any case, it should be noted that the results of the treatment will only be visible after weeks or months.

My advice

As a doctor, I recommend to my patients who want to improve their complexion, tighten their skin and get rid of cellulite a combination of fitness, healthy eating and innovative technology-based methods such as Cellfina® for effective and long-lasting success.

With Cellfina® we can offer a proven skin tightening treatment that specifically addresses the connective tissue weakness of many women. In my experience, this cellulite treatment is the only effective one because it effectively treats the causes of dimpling in the skin, which we summarize under the technical term cellulite.

If you would like to find out more, I would be happy to arrange a personal consultation.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Cellulite is independent of weight, but is worsened by bloated fat cells. Exercise can make a positive contribution to the skin’s appearance and promote firming of the skin. However, there are also numerous cases of slim, very athletic people who nevertheless suffer from severe cellulite.

The two methods cannot be compared. Cellfina® treatments are used exclusively for skin tightening, not for weight reduction. In addition, liposuction is a complex surgical procedure, while cellulite treatment with Cellfina® is an outpatient procedure, without surgery, minimally invasive and without scarring.

Cellulite is – even if it is not perceived as beautiful – a normal, natural part of the skin structure of many people, especially women. It is influenced by a variety of factors. Cellulite can develop for genetic reasons, but also due to hormones, lifestyle and much more. Its appearance and its characteristics are absolutely individual.

Anyone and everyone can get cellulite. It usually develops in adulthood. Women suffer most (more than 80 percent) from cellulite, which has to do with the composition of the skin, especially the alignment of the fibrotic septa and hormone levels.

Yes, orange peel skin is the colloquial term for the deformation of the human skin summarized as cellulite.

Fascia consists of fibroblasts and structural proteins. Targeted training can mobilize fasciae and push water out of the tissue. The connective tissue can also be stimulated through targeted fascia training. Fibroblasts are stimulated and produce collagen. In principle, regular fascia training can therefore help against cellulite. However, Cellfina is certainly the much more efficient method of getting to the root of the cellulite problem with a one-off treatment.

In principle, regular fascia training or a regular fascia massage can stimulate the connective tissue, i.e. fibroblasts produce collagen fibers. As a result, the tissue becomes more robust and stronger and the skin structure is improved.

Regular fascia massage over several months can therefore help to improve the appearance of cellulite.


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