A good figure lying down!

A firm bottom, a little less flab, a flat stomach and no love handles on your hips? No six-pack and no well-formed arm and leg muscles?

With electromuscular muscle stimulation, this is no longer a pipe dream, but can easily be put into practice. Especially as a supplement to sporting activities, strength training and fitness exercises, this treatment accelerates muscle building and simultaneous fat loss.

EMSculpt is suitable for anyone who wants to optimize their body contour and improve their muscle tone. For muscle definition without training.


How does EMSculpt work?

EMSculpt is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that aims to,

Strengthen muscles and reduce fat. It uses electromagnetic energy to generate intense muscle contractions that go beyond what is even possible through normal physical activity.

This process leads to increased muscle growth and simultaneous fat reduction in the treated areas. EMSculpt is the only treatment in the world that uses muscle stimulation to effectively build up patients’ abdominal and buttock muscles and reduce localized fat mass at the same time.

The device emits high-intensity electromagnetic waves (HIFEM technology), which can be used to achieve excellent results very quickly. With 4 to 8 (recommended) treatment sessions, ideally over a period of two months, the body is reshaped without surgical intervention. Sculpt is considered a real revolution in body contouring.

More muscles !

Which areas of the body can be treated with EMSculpt?

EMSculpt can be used to treat the classic areas of the legs, stomach and bottom as well as the upper arms (triceps, biceps). This device is suitable for people who want to improve their body contour without surgery or who want to increase the effect of their strength or fitness training. The non-invasive muscle tightening provided by EMSculpt using muscle stimulation without any training lasts a very long time with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Medical indications for the use of EMSculpt can include back problems and so-called rectus diastasis, which can occur more frequently after pregnancy. A rectus diastasis can be felt as a vertical, wider gap at the front of the abdomen and may also be visible. Targeted training of the abdominal muscles – also with the help of EMSculpt – can greatly improve a larger rectus diastasis, especially in younger women, and sometimes even make it disappear completely.

After pregnancy, an EMSculpt treatment can provide excellent support for tightening the abdominal muscles and building up the muscles in the stretched areas of the skin and body. The same applies to women during and after the menopause: here, too, there is often a desire to reduce the “big belly” and get back the old body shape – an almost hopeless undertaking by dieting and only achievable by building muscle and tightening the stretched connective tissue.

  • <b>Abdomen:</b> Strengthening the abdominal muscles and improving the contour of the core
  • <b>Buttocks:</b> A lifted and firmer appearance of the gluteal muscles, the non-surgical alternative to a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
  • <b>Thighs:</b> firming and strengthening the thigh muscles
  • <b>Arms:</b>Tighter and more defined arm muscles - especially the biceps and triceps
  • <b>Calves: </b> Strengthening and defining the calf muscles
  • <b>Rectus diastasis:</b> reduction of the so-called "abdominal muscle gap"
  • <b>Back:</b> In some cases, EMSculpt can also be used for medical reasons to improve back pain.


How satisfied are our patients with the results?

My patients love EMSculpt! Men and women alike find it attractive to be able to do with just a few treatments what you would otherwise have to spend many, many hours in the gym for.

More muscle and less fat in one go – with no risk and no adverse effects after a treatment cycle, that’s great!

Dr. Susanne Kristof
SK-AESTHETICS, Rapperswil-Jona


How long has EMSculpt been around?

EMSculpt has been around since 2018. The device for non-invasive muscle tightening was developed by BTL Industries, an international manufacturer of high-tech medical devices for aesthetic and physiotherapeutic use.

EMSculpt is an innovative solution for muscle building and fat reduction without surgery. Since its introduction, it has gained tremendous popularity, especially in aesthetic medicine and among those looking for non-surgical methods of body contouring, muscle definition without exercise.

We have been offering this treatment in our practice for several years.


What are the advantages of EMSculpt compared to other muscle tightening measures?

With EMSculpt, muscle building, skin tightening and fat reduction are possible without intensive training. Who doesn’t dream of achieving a tight bottom, an impressive six-pack and firm skin without going to the gym every day?

This body shaping method is also effective in reducing unwanted fat deposits and helps with the targeted definition of individual muscles such as the biceps and triceps or muscle groups such as the abdominal or gluteal muscles.

It is suitable for both women and men and can even be used as a medical aid, for example for rectus diastasis. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, this procedure uses electromuscular stimulation to support the results of strength training and fitness exercises and accelerates fat loss, resulting in better muscle definition.

  • Muscle tightening
  • Fat reduction
  • No downtime
  • Muscle building
  • No side effects
  • Accelerates strength training
  • No operation
  • Body shaping:

    Whether it’s tightening the abdomen, lifting the buttocks or simply getting rid of unwanted fat deposits, the EMSculpt technique offers an efficient and time-saving solution for men and women to realize their fitness goals and achieve better muscle definition.

  • Six-pack:

    With the latest technology in body contouring, you can improve the definition of your muscles, reduce fat deposits and build muscle at the same time – specifically in the areas and body regions you want.

  • Problem areas:

    EMSculpt is ideal for tightening sagging upper arms – also known as “flapping arms” – strengthening the abdominal muscles after pregnancy or effectively and quickly rebuilding sagging muscles after illness.

  • Butt Lift:

    Instead of costly and risky operations to tighten and lift the buttocks, for example, EMSculpt offers a non-invasive alternative to give the buttocks the desired shape.

  • Body sculping:

    Muscle tightening without sport, muscle building without training, fat reduction without surgery and muscle firming with electrostimulation – all this is made possible by an EMSculpt treatment with professional support in our practice in Rapperswil-Jona on Lake Zurich.


What are the risks or side effects?

When used properly and under professional supervision, there are no risks associated with the use of EMSculpt. Sore muscles may occur after the treatment. However, please note the following: The desired success in muscle building is only achieved after several sessions – in my experience, eight (8) treatment sessions over a period of two (2) months are ideal. To maintain the results of muscle building and fat loss, a healthy lifestyle and, if necessary, a healthy diet are essential. Follow-up treatments required.

EMSculpt is not suitable purely as a weight loss measure. The technology is primarily aimed at building muscle, but while it can reduce fat, it is less effective for people with higher body fat levels or for those aiming for significant weight loss.

EMSculpt is also not suitable for people with implanted electronic devices such as pacemakers or metal implants in the treatment area or for pregnant women. An individual consultation is highly recommended for people with pre-existing conditions and physical impairments before treatment.

My advice

As a doctor, I recommend to my patients who want to define their body better, i.e. who want to accelerate their muscle building and at the same time reduce their fat deposits, that they start by doing regular sport, strength training or fitness exercises and a balanced low-carb diet.

The effect of EMSculpt is greatest when existing muscles are strengthened. Approximately eight sessions lying down replace weeks, if not months, of effort on the machines. But only the combination of both – as well as a healthy diet – leads to optimal and long-lasting results.

If you would like to find out more, I would be happy to arrange a personal consultation.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

EMSculpt is primarily designed to strengthen and define the muscles, not necessarily for weight loss. The treatment uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to create supramaximal muscle contractions that lead to the strengthening and building of muscle tissue. Although EMSculpt can help to reduce fat in the treated areas, it is not intended as a primary method for weight loss, but rather for body shaping, for better body definition.

The muscles built by EMSculpt are just as “real” muscles as those achieved through sport or fitness. The same applies to muscle atrophy: if the muscles are not used after treatment, they will break down again. Regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are therefore the best guarantee for maintaining the results of an EMSculpt treatment for a long time.

Existing buttock muscles can be strengthened and shaped with EMSculpt in such a way that surgery such as that required for an artificial butt lift can be avoided.

A treatment with EmSculpt takes 30 minutes per zone. It is quite possible to work on

to have several muscle areas treated in one appointment, such as the buttocks and abdomen.

An initial effect can already be seen after four treatments within two weeks. Ideally, a further four treatments should be carried out at weekly intervals. Afterwards, it is advisable to continue exercising the treated regions in order to maintain the muscle build-up.


1 Treatment CHF 400.00
Package with 4 treatments CHF 1’500.00
Package with 8 treatments CHF 2’000.00

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