Much more than a hairstyle: beautiful hair from the inside!

Beautiful hair is a sign of vitality, health and self-esteem. We change our hairstyle and hair color to change our type, to feel better about ourselves.

Hair is an aesthetic feature, hair care and hair styling are often important components of personal hygiene and a recognized beauty ritual. Many people care for their hair with dedication. Because beautiful hair can boost self-confidence and have a significant impact on a person’s appearance.

All the worse for those who are unhappy because they have too little hair – or others who want to get rid of hair growth in the wrong places. Whether hair removal or growth stimulation, in my practice in Rapperswil-Jona on Lake Zurich we will advise you individually.

We will be happy to show you the various options for effective hair treatment based on medical findings.

For your well-being and a long-lasting effect.

Hair removal

Never shave again? No more pain when epilating? Hair gone where it doesn’t belong? This usually works very reliably and with 4-6 treatment steps.

We offer the removal of unwanted hair on the legs, face, armpits and bikini line and help with medically necessary procedures, for example if individual hairs have become infected.

With specialist medical support and expertise as well as the latest equipment for a lasting, long-lasting effect for your beauty.

Growth stimulation

Many patients want more hair on their head, thicker hair, fuller hair growth or to stop hair loss.

We advise and treat you on the basis of medical knowledge, many years of experience and international expertise to make your hair fuller and thicker again.

From the right diet to plasma therapy, there are various treatment options to improve your hair growth.