Natural beauty with laser technology!

Lasers have become an integral part of aesthetic medicine. Lasers can tighten the skin, remove hair, treat pigmentation disorders and much more.

In a dermatology practice such as SK Aesthetics on Lake Zurich, they contribute in particular to the rejuvenation and revitalization of the skin. A fascinating, highly efficient technology with mostly only minor side effects.

We are happy to advise you on which method and which device will help you achieve the most for your beauty and well-being.

Removal of veins

Even good skin care and expensive creams are unfortunately not enough to prevent or remove annoying blood vessels on the face. Red veins that protrude strongly or cause a reddish area of skin are perceived by many people as unsightly and disturbing. This can easily be remedied with modern therapies. The result: a smooth, clean and even complexion.

Age spots

Pigmentary disorders, sun spots or age spots: Laser treatment or treatment with a flash lamp is considered the most effective method for eliminating all these annoying skin discolorations. The laser generates a high-intensity beam of light, penetrates the upper layers of the skin and causes the pigment deposits to dissolve into tiny particles.

Spider veins

Beautiful legs, even skin color on the lower legs, attractive even in short dresses: No longer a dream. The troublesome blood vessels and small veins on the legs can be permanently removed using laser therapy or sclerotherapy. We will be happy to advise you on which treatment is best for you.

Hollywood scrub

A great complexion, even skin, radiant throughout the day: with the Hollywood peeling – carbon mask plus laser application – no magic. What the stars in Hollywood can do, can also be done on Lake Zurich: look good with competent advice, dermatological expertise and modern methods. So that you feel good.

Tattoo removal

We remove tattoos using the best laser technology currently available on the market with the PicoPlus® laser: different wavelengths and handpieces for the greatest possible variety of treatments, in the pico- and nanosecond range for the individual and absolutely targeted removal of tattoos of all kinds.

Laser skin tightening

With threads against wrinkles. This not only sounds good, but has been an established method of non-surgical facial rejuvenation for more than 30 years. The threads used to tighten the skin on the neck and face stimulate the body’s own collagen production and thus help to actively intervene in the ageing process without surgery.