Face lift without surgery!

Are you interested in a lift but do not want a surgical treatment? Are you looking for firmer skin without extra volume in your face? Our advanced laser technologies can significantly improve the texture and firmness of your skin on the face, neck and upper arms. Through the targeted use of laser light, we reduce wrinkles, smooth facial contours and even out uneven skin.

At SK Aesthetics in Rapperswil-Jona, we offer various laser therapies that enable effective lifting without surgical intervention. We will be happy to explain the individual methods and their advantages to you.

Ultherapy® treatment

How does ultrasound skin smoothing work?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment for lifting the skin on the face and neck. It is very effective and comes closest to a facelift without a scalpel. After an Ultherapy® treatment, the tightening of sagging skin is usually visible after just a few days and the skin appears smoother and fresher. The final lifting effects are visible after 3 to 6 months.

With this ultrasound-based laser therapy, we can reach layers of the skin such as muscle and fat layers from the outside, which would otherwise only be treatable with surgery. The special feature of the Ultherapy® device used in our practice is that the practitioner can see exactly which layer of skin he or she is working on during the treatment, so that the treatment is extremely targeted and precise.

The skin surface remains completely intact and patients are socially acceptable at any time afterwards. This means they can return to work, sport or home immediately.

Treatment with Ultherapy® strengthens and firms the skin and stimulates collagen stimulation, resulting in a long-lasting, long-lasting facial lifting effect.

Treatment with Ultherapy® is cost-intensive, as the device is one of the most modern and technically sophisticated of its kind.

It must also be clearly stated that the treatment is not painless, but the application is generally well tolerated with a light anesthetic cream.

And you need patience: the result is not visible immediately after the treatment, but the pleasure is all the greater when the skin tightening effect gradually takes effect.

This is the most effective method for a non-invasive facelift. A lift without a puffy face effect with impressive results for a fresher, healthier, younger complexion.

You have no “downtime”, i.e. absolutely no downtime, and can go back to work immediately afterwards. There are also no risks regarding infections, hematomas, granulomas, asymmetries or similar possible side effects of other aesthetic procedures on the face.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

That’s not so easy to answer. The crucial question is: Is it about tackling the fine lines around the mouth or eyes, or rather about improving the so-called marionette lines? In the first case, an ablative fractional laser is my first choice if you can afford to take a little time off.

In the case of marionette lines, the cause should be considered, i.e. a detailed examination of the face should be carried out. Ultherapy is usually a very good approach to achieve an improvement.

That depends very much on the method. A CO2 laser treatment for the face does not take long as such, but you will need some time for the pre- and post-treatment, so you should allow about an hour in the practice.

Ultherapy is relatively time-consuming. At least 90 minutes should be planned here. But here too, the duration of treatment depends on the area of the body or face being treated.

The sagging skin on the neck can be treated in the same way as the facial skin. A positive effect can also be achieved with Ultherapy®, CO2 Fraxel laser or a non-ablative laser.

The best results are achieved when the available procedures and techniques are combined. This means that Ultherapy® can first be used to tighten the skin in depth and then biostimulants such as calcium hydroxyapatite can be injected directly afterwards, so that the results are immediately visible. If you then want to tackle fine wrinkles, pore structure or pigmentation, other laser devices are used.


EyebrowsCHF 800.00
Middle and lower face CHF 2’500.00

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