Even skin instead of veins on the face!

Smooth, even-textured and even-colored skin, especially on the face, is considered beautiful, healthy and attractive. Troublesome veins – especially in the cheek and nose area – can usually be easily removed with a laser. A single treatment is often enough to remove the small vessels under the skin and get rid of the unsightly vascular network.


How does the removal of facial veins work?

With the ultra-modern SWT (selective waveband technology) from Nordlys, fine and coarse veins can be removed from the face, cheeks and nose, but also from the temples, forehead and even the chin. After a detailed consultation, you can start the treatment straight away, provided that your skin is not tanned. During the treatment, the skin is scraped with the handpiece and the annoying veins disappear. In some cases, not all veins are caught during the first treatment, in which case a second treatment is necessary. Immediately after the treatment, the result is smooth, even-colored skin on the face with no or significantly fewer veins.

Get rid of the veins!

What do I need to consider during laser treatment?

Treatment to remove skin veins using a laser device can only be carried out if the affected areas of the face are not tanned. After treatment, it is essential to avoid direct sunlight for three to four weeks. Treatment in the fall or winter months is therefore recommended. Regular skin care with a high sun protection factor is also always advisable, regardless of skin type.

  • Face
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Temple
  • Chin
  • Nose


Why does the skin tend to develop redness and veins on the face?

There are many reasons for annoying veins on the face. Often it is simply a predisposition, a genetic disposition, which is perceived as more unattractive in women than in men. Some skin conditions, such as rosacea (couperose), result in the formation of visible veins (telangiectasia) on the face. This condition often affects the cheeks, nose, chin and, rarely, the forehead and can cause bouts of redness and inflammation. In such cases, a specialist examination of the skin and skin structure is recommended before laser therapy and can be carried out at any time in our dermatology practice in Rapperswil.

Excessive sun exposure can cause the blood vessels in the skin to dilate, which can lead to permanent redness and visible veins, especially in people with fair skin. Skin irritation caused by irritants, heavy metals or allergenic substances in main care products, cosmetics or cleansers can cause redness and irritation of the skin and dilate the blood vessels in the face.

Extreme cold or excessive heat, for example when the body or face is exposed to extreme temperatures for too long on long ski tours or sailing trips, can also cause redness and dilation of the blood vessels in the face.

Hormonal changes, whether during pregnancy or the menopause, puberty or old age, can also lead to red veins on the face. If this is suspected, it is advisable to determine the hormone status; laser treatment is simple, effective and long-lasting.

  • Genetics and familial predisposition
  • Stress and individual perception of stress
  • Hormones and hormonal changes
  • Skin diseases
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Severe sun damage
  • Heat and cold
  • Skin irritation and severe stress on the facial skin


What results can be achieved with laser therapy for veins and redness on the face?

With the help of modern technical devices such as very precise laser technology, we can successfully combat annoying veins and reddening of the facial skin and achieve lasting results. The smooth and even skin after a treatment makes our patients very happy.

Dr. Susanne Kristof
SK-AESTHETICS, Rapperswil-Jona


  • Great success
  • usually very few treatment units
  • even complexion
  • smooth skin
  • targeted use
  • No scars
  • No downtime
  • Tried and tested over many years


What are the risks or side effects?

Laser therapy for veins and red spots on the face is often perceived as unpleasant and sometimes painful. A topical anesthetic cream helps to alleviate this.

The skin must not be tanned for the treatment and the face must not be exposed to direct sunlight for several days to weeks afterwards. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is reddened over a large area.

Particularly sensitive skin types may experience swelling, but this usually subsides quickly. A light cooling afterwards, moisturizing care products and good sun protection are usually sufficient for aftercare.

My advice

We can easily remedy annoying veins and unpleasant redness on the face, often with just one treatment.

However, I strongly advise my patients to only undergo this treatment after analyzing the various reasons for the vascular changes.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Not at all, but these red veins on the face are often associated with precisely this and thus have a stigmatizing effect. In most cases, however, there are completely different reasons – especially in female patients – for the dilation of the blood vessels in the face.

Treatment with Nordlys SWT to remove the veins should not be combined with a hyaluronic acid treatment in the same area in the same session. However, a combination with botulinum is possible without any problems.

This depends on the patient’s individual travel plans and outdoor behavior. The summer months, i.e. June to the end of September, are certainly not suitable, as you must not be tanned during the treatment and must also avoid the sun for a few months afterwards.


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