Face lift without surgery!

Do you want a lift without surgery? Do you want firm skin but not more volume in your face?

Thanks to various laser techniques, skin structure and firmness can be visibly improved on the face, neck and upper arms. Wrinkles, sagging facial features and uneven skin disappear through the professional use of laser light.

At SK Aesthetics in Rapperswil-Jona, we offer various laser therapies that make lifting without a scalpel possible. We will be happy to inform you about the differences.

Skin tightening with a CO2 laser

How does skin smoothing with an ablative laser work?

We use a CO2 laser in aesthetic medicine to treat fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and pigmentation disorders or scars. An ablative laser works by removing the top layers of skin and stimulating the production of new collagen, resulting in firmer and younger looking skin. In order to achieve a good effect and at the same time minimize downtime, we use a fractional approach, i.e. the skin is no longer removed over a large area, but rather selectively. This has the positive effect of accelerating wound healing and the natural renewal of the skin. Nevertheless, every patient must allow for a downtime of three to four days after the treatment and be aware that the skin will only fully heal after one to two weeks.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

CO2 lasers are known for their precision and efficiency, but are associated with a longer recovery time as they ablate the skin differently to other types of laser. The use of a CO2 laser requires careful preparation and aftercare in order to achieve optimal results and minimize complications. The downtime is at least three days. Special protection and care of the treated skin areas is also necessary. The appropriate dermatological products and their application are always part of the treatment plan at SK AESTHETICS.

When using a non-ablative fractional laser, the upper layers of the skin are not ablated, but the laser light penetrates the skin without removing or damaging the outer layer. They heat the tissue beneath the skin’s surface, which stimulates collagen production and makes the skin firmer. This method usually has less downtime, but usually requires several sessions for optimal results. At SK AESTHETICS we work with the non-ablative Nd:YAG laser.


Fractional CO2 laser

Full faceCHF 950.00
Individual zones on the face from CHF 300.00
NeckCHF 450.00
DecolleteCHF 550.00

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