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As an experienced dermatologist, it is particularly important to me that you feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin after every treatment. My aim is to emphasize your natural beauty without the result appearing artificial or exaggerated. In my practice, I strive not only to make my patients’ faces look healthier and fresher, but also to give them more youthful and attractive features.

The key to these results lies in a thorough and individual analysis of each patient’s face. Based on this analysis, I develop a customized treatment plan that takes into account the unique needs and wishes of each person. I combine various proven dermatological procedures, from minimally invasive techniques to advanced skin care treatments, to achieve optimal results.

At my practice, we use only the most advanced and safest technologies and products to ensure that every treatment is effective and supports the health of your skin. Our aim is to improve your natural appearance and at the same time maintain the youthfulness and vitality of your skin in the long term.

I invite you to visit us and experience for yourself how we can help you to feel not just good, but great in your own skin. Your satisfaction and well-being are always our top priority.

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Dr. Susanne Kristof

Dr. Susanne Kristof

For several years now, I have been spending a lot of time with great pleasure and enthusiasm at small and large medical congresses, further training courses, expert meetings and workshops at home and abroad. I have been a faculty member and expert trainer at the Allergan Medical Institute and a trainer at the Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics for several years. The well-being of my patients is very important to me. My aim is to find the best individual treatment for each and every one of you.

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We all strive for a fresh and healthy look, as if we have just returned from a relaxing vacation, regardless of stress and lack of sleep. Through precise facial analysis, an understanding of the ageing process and combined skin tightening therapies, I achieve optimal results for patients of all ages.


Beautiful hair symbolizes vitality and increases self-esteem by improving our appearance and mood through changes in style and color. As a central aesthetic feature, they are an essential part of personal hygiene and a cherished beauty ritual.


Discover in my practice in the canton of St. Gallen, on Lake Zurich, how you can shape your body, reduce fat and tighten your skin with the latest technology and expert care. Find out more about procedures such as CoolSculpting for effective fat reduction, Cellfina against cellulite and Emsculpt for muscle building without training.

Laser treatment

Lasers are an indispensable tool in aesthetic medicine and make a significant contribution to skin rejuvenation and revitalization in practices such as SK Aesthetics on Lake Zurich. They tighten the skin, remove hair, treat pigmentation disorders and offer highly effective results with minimal side effects.

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